Come home to your self.

Living the life of your dreams begins
with the Art of Finding Peace
with What Is, right here, right now.

With meditation, sound healing, Reiki, Transformational Life Coaching,
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Somatic Psychology, the arts, and more,
I work with multiple complimentary modalities in an intuitively customized
& holistic way, in order to offer deep Restoration & tools for Transformation,
provide balance on all levels of being,
and in order to find the practices
 which resonate with you the most.

Come home to your Self.

I aim to guide embodied souls, spirits having a human experience, into states of conscious rest where you can release the effects of your stressful life, work through deep healing as you're ready, & discover a host of inner resources to bring you a newfound peace.


Whether in a group or 1:1, I'm here to soothe your tired soul, to help you reset, to help you uncover your limiting beliefs, & unravel the conditioning that is holding you back. I am here to help you grow through what you're going through, & to Let Go.  I'm here to help you find your path and strengthen your internal compass that will keep you in alignment with your Purpose, as you co-create your future with the Divine by surrendering to the present. 


Have a look around! I am working on a member's area & an app! Let me know if there's anything in particular you would like to see.

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Welcome! My name is Artis Moon Amarché, and I am an eclectic soul - an interdisciplinary artist & holistic healing guide. I founded the Boundless Life to hold space for self-healing, self-expressions, self-empowerment, & self-actualization. I'm here to actively engage you in your experience of the Present as you resolve issues from your past and journey through your own ever-evolving growth and healing process.

I have been honored to guide all kinds of people into a state of deep peace and transformation, at a variety of venues, which have included the Smithsonian's National Gallery of Art, the Renwick, and the Arts & Industries Building, The Kennedy Center, Take Five Meditation, Recharj, Eaton Wellness, The Wing, Gensler, DC Fray, the Meyer Foundation, WeWork, and Voice of America, to name a few. 

All are welcome & valued here.

My eclectic approach is heart-centered, holistic, trauma-informed, & dedicated to serving a diverse, culturally rich audience. The mission is holding a safe space for inner peace, alchemy of the Soul, & restoration of balance on all levels of being. I love working with people of all races, nationalities, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientation, & age. The work is deeply spiritual in nature and transcends religious orientation. Please talk to me if cost is prohibitive.

You can bring me to your workplace, home, or other location, in person or virtually.  I have a team of Reiki therapists & other complimentary practitioners I work with when needed.  Send me an email to start the dialogue.