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Reiki Mastery


Immerse yourself
in a six-month or year-long journey
of Reiki Mastery
with The Boundless Life Reiki Dojo.

Reiki III/Master Level is a six-month or year-long certification program that functions similarly to the apprenticeship model which used to be standard for mastering any craft.


A small group of Reiki II Certified practitioners who are ready to embark on the next level of training & practice will be accepted into this program each year and initiated into Reiki III/Master Level.


The first Boundless Reiki Master cohort kicked off on the 2022 Summer Solstice.

The next will launch in 2023.

It is required that you are already certified in Reiki I & Reiki II, preferably with me. If you are interested in learning to practice Reiki at a Master Level, but you certified with someone else, let's talk. Email me, text me, or call me.

This Immersion will be curated to the needs of the participants & is planned to include:

  • Hybrid in-person / online offering

  • Monthly lessons which include meditation, Reiki Master lessons, group practice, & group life coaching

  • Purification period preceding Attunements

  • Reiki III/Master Attunement & learn Master symbols

  • Weekly check-ins

  • Commitment to monthly exchanges with the other members 

  • Commitment to regular practice on others outside the group if you are interested in practicing professionally

  • Monthly or bimonthly practice session with Artis (your Master Teacher)

  • Monthly 1.5 hr. private session with Artis

  • Opportunities to practice professionally as a group & earn money

  • Support for your practice if you are already practicing professionally or wish to create a practice - including coaching about what complimentary modalities you may want to weave in, building a website, pricing, insurance, ethics, etc.

  • Private class site & forum for sharing experiences, video replays, information & learning materials, etc.

  • Reiki III/Master Level Certification upon completion of your committed hours & requirements

  • For those who commit to one year: Apprenticing with your Master Teacher in teaching Reiki I & II if desired, including learning how to pass attunements and how to teach Reiki, in person and online



By the standards of the Boundless Life Reiki Dojo, which seeks to restore integrity to this healing art by ensuring practitioners have sufficient training and are fully prepared to handle the power for which they are a conduit, and to see that they have enough experience to serve in a way that is for the highest good of all, doing harm to none:

  • The six-month certification qualifies you to confidently practice professionally at the Master Level. 

  • The year-long certification qualifies you to go even deeper in your practice as you Integrate this art form, in dialogue with your cohort, and to go on to teach others if and when you feel ready.


You will log your hours as you progress, including all instructional time, meeting times, your treatment exchange hours, and any hours where you are practicing Reiki on others professionally or for experience. Your hours will be printed on your certificate at the completion of your committed time.


Traditionally, there was no distinction between Reiki III & Master Level. Today, some schools make a distinction, and only those who teach Reiki to others are considered Reiki Masters / Reiki Master Teachers; otherwise, they are Level III practitioners.


Whether you commit to 6 months or one year, I will leave it up to you how you wish to be qualified on your certificate - as a Reiki III practitioner, or as a Reiki Master.


At some point in the future, if/when you teach your first class, you become a Reiki Master Teacher. I urge you to take your time to fully integrate your practice, develop your style, & become secure in your knowledge of this tradition before you go on to teach others. I will always be available to you.


Everyone must interview to ensure the timing is right for you for this journey, and that you have sufficient pre-existing knowledge and experience. 


Everyone accepted to the program will take an entrance exam which will help to determine what level of engagement you have maintained with your practice and clarify your goals entering this training as well as any knowledge gaps that exist or essential aspects of practice that have fallen to the wayside.

Be sure to join my mailing list, and let me know if you are interested in joining this program in the future.

In the meantime, individual apprentices may be accepted for 1:1 training, but I always recommend the group experience.

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