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Livestream Meditation

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To get the most out of your experience, before beginning the meditation, prepare a private, cozy spot for yourself with a yoga mat or something to lay on, light blanket, small pillow for under your knees, & one under your head if you wish. You may also want your journal + writing/art supplies handy to document or download any insights or revelations that come up for you.

When it's time for the Live, the livestream should autoload when opened. Otherwise, my short audiovisual meditation Remember Who You Are will autoplay.

Please read all details below the video player, before or after class.

If the livestream is interrupted at any point, just refresh your page, & it should start again within 3-5 seconds, or press play again.

Please text me at 202 215 4498 (clickable link at bottom of page) if you are having problems with the video.