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Stress Management

Stress Management Strategies

with Artis Moon | The Boundless Life 


The mind-body skills you’ll learn through this program have been scientifically shown to reduce stress and make a significant difference in the stress-related conditions that so many people develop & suffer from in their lives.

Come together with your community to learn how to do your best in maintaining good mental, emotional, and physical health throughout your life.


This lifelong toolkit can help you transform your life by preventing, relieving, or eliminating debilitating symptoms, enhancing your mood and energy naturally, and promoting a more hopeful, meaningful, purposeful, and joyful life.


Learn ways to be more self-aware, regulate your nervous system, & reduce overall inflammation, which in turn can positively impact your physical health as well.

The tools in the full program include: self-awareness, relaxation, meditation, breath work, somatic experiencing, sound healing, journaling, exercise, expressive arts, and restorative circles.


This program can be tailored to your group, company, or organization's needs,

and offered in varying lengths & depths including:

  • a year-long implementation,

  • a full 12-week program,

  • a residency of another agreed-upon length which still allows for learning all the tools of the program,

  • a training program (learn to share these skills with others in your school or workplace), or

  • get a sample of the work in a one-day or shorter length workshop.


The program can be geared towards adults, adults + teens, teens-only groups, or people 12 & under (in which accompanying teachers / facilitators may participate as well).

Supplemental Services:  The group workshop can be coupled with trauma-informed group &/or 1:1 therapeutic support (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy + Life Coaching + Somatic Psychology) for an agreed-upon number of hours per week.

Book a complimentary 15-30 minute Discovery Call with me to discuss your options & how I can customize a program to suit your needs.

  • Join me for a complimentary 30-minute consult to discuss what you're l...

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Invest in Your Overall Wellbeing by Strengthening the Mind-Body Connection

This is a trauma-informed, comprehensive, accessible program with easy to use, practical tools to mobilize the healing power of your mind, reduce and prevent stress, and promote physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. This course is based on The Best of Stress Management model established by James S. Gordon, M.D. & colleagues at the Center for Mind-Body Medicine, and these practices have been successfully taught to trauma-stricken populations around the world.


The “mind-body” approach to health means we can use the power of our minds to bring about healthy changes in our bodies; and vice versa, we can utilize certain functions of our bodies to create healthy changes in our minds. You've probably heard the expression, "mind over matter." Well, sometimes, we can also use the power of matter over mind.