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Thank you so much to everyone that has supported our Sunday efforts - Recalibrate Your Soul. It's been a good run, but now it's done!

We have really enjoyed making magic together in the space, and while it has really built to a beautiful community vibe, the attendance not been as robust as we had hoped, and therefore, this programming will be discontinued at ESL. Perhaps we will collaborate again in the future.

Please continue to support the club, there's great music every night of the week, and if you want to find me there, Sunday nights with Russell @DJ Mate Masie is a good bet. Let's hit the dance floor.

I was honored to partner with Farid, ESL Shaw & wisdom keeper and yogi, Pari Darnell, in the effort to build this Arts & Wellness programming on weekend daytimes, but now we must pivot.

Stay tuned (join my mailing list, at the bottom of the page) for new times for my Sunday sound bath which will shift some Sundays to Eaton, where I already have a robust following in my Thursday night soundbaths that will now spill over to lovely weekend vibes. Continuing to help you Recalibrate Your Soul. Please follow Pari on IG and stay tuned - she & I are not done making magic together! See the video below & browse my socials to see some of the ESL vibes we've been creating the past several months.


ESL Shaw, aka the newly reopened 18th St. Lounge, is at 1230 9th St., NW DC, at Blagden Alley.

For the full selection of events offered by The Boundless Life - 

  • Visit the Current Events page,

  • see Meditation & Soundbaths for the weekly offering at Eaton DC,

  • Polish Your Shine for my women's trauma healing program, 

  • or learn how I'm here to support you in 1:1 sessions. I am also available to come to your home or place of choice for a private soundbath or other customized event to suit your needs.

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