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Private Sessions

Holistic 1:1 Trauma-Informed Therapy for Mind, Body, & Soul: Meditation & Mindfulness, Sound Healing, Reiki, Transformational Life Coaching, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Somatic Psychology, Expressive Arts, and more....

My name is Artis Moon, aka Artis Mooney,

aka Artis Moon Amarché, &

I am the Founder of The Boundless Life.

I'm here to help you restore balance

on all levels of being, and make peace with your present,

so you can transform your past & your future.

Dip your toe in and check it out, or dive deep with me... meaning:

The best way to get a sense of how I work with people is to experience it for yourself.  


If you're curious about 1:1 sessions, book a session to try it out! 


Generally speaking, a typical 2-hr. session might include a little meditation, an intake, Transformational Coaching with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Somatic Psychology woven in, some Reiki, and a closing share with homework. Sessions are customized to your needs, and can focus on any modalities you choose (see above), for example, if you are just interested in Coaching without the Reiki, or perhaps you also want to include some tarot. Sound healing costs a little extra. It's up to you! Read more about what to expect below bookings.


Your first private session should ideally be a minimum of and hour and a half, so that we have some time for intake, and then a taste of the modality of your choosing.  You'll find an option for an intro session below. Discounted new client Intro sessions are 2 hours.


For those really seeking transformation in their lives, it can take time.  Make an investment in  yourself!  In private work, I enjoy digging in and taking you on a deep dive, so my preference is for two- or three-hour sessions rather than shorter ones so that we have a good hour to talk and then explore with whatever modalities we've chosen. Know that whatever length session you book, I will customize it to your needs and desires. 


I offer package deals for 7 sessions at a time, or a year-long plan, to encourage you to commit yourself to your own growth & evolution, with my guidance. I'm about to announce a few more package options.

Please let me know if you have any questions at all.

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what to expect

What to Expect


While I do see clients for standalone sessions, most people come to me looking to grow through something.  If you are a new client who is ready to Dive Deep and commit to an initial series of seven sessions of at least two hours each, I do a comprehensive intake to get a solid idea of  "where you've come from, where you're at, and where you're going."  We talk about your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health; your short-, medium-, and long-term goals; and your traumas, emotional wounds, and major life milestones.  Sometimes we go into the life story, in detail. 


A typical session will begin with a short meditation to bring us down from our minds and integrate with our bodies so that we can be as present as possible for the session.  Then we have a check-in, where we talk for a bit.  The length of time we talk depends on the length of the session, but for example, in a two-hour session, the first half of that may be our check-in & coaching.  And then we move into the modalities of choice, so that may be smudging/clearing, a taste of sound healing, 40 minutes on the table receiving Reiki, and then a closing check-in where I will give homework.  

Depending on the circumstances, one may experience a lasting shift in a couple weeks, months, or it may be a progression over a year or longer.  Consider that often, if you go to traditional therapy to work through an issue, you are asked to commit to at least a year of sessions.  Most people find this work far more effective and comprehensive than traditional talk therapy.      


Some people see me on an ongoing basis as they grow through changes, and as an integral part of their regular self-care routine, an accountability partner so to speak, someone to regularly check in with.  For this reason, I do offer a yearly subscription for a total of 42 two-hour sessions throughout the calendar year, which is a an annual savings of $1,890. And of course, you can buy a similarly discounted package for 3-hour sessions as well. I only accept two yearly clients at a time. You must interview with me for either of these options, so reach out!

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