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Welcome!  I look forward to witnessing your Transformation.


Find full details & registration for 1:1s, weekly soundbaths, Reiki trainings, & other signature programs here.


For workshops, Moon Circles, & other offerings, check out my Current Events page.

For the ongoing Arts & Wellness programming at ESL Shaw, visit the page dedicated to those events.

Join my mailing list, keep an eye on my social media accounts, (links for both at the bottom of every page) &/or check back for updates. If you don't see what you're looking for, let me know. I'm happy to customize an offering to your needs.

Please see additional details at the bottom of the page regarding payment & cancellation policy.

Comprehensive list of offerings
  • Join me for a complimentary 30-minute consult to discuss what you're l...
  • For first-time clients - $50 off normal rate
    250 US dollars
  • Distance Reiki Recharge, Clarity Session, or Emergency Mental Health S...
    75 US dollars
  • Mental/Emotional Support, Reiki, or both
    150 US dollars
  • A Tune-Up for returning clients customized to your needs
    225 US dollars
  • 2-hour Journey Inward for new or returning clients
    300 US dollars
  • Dive Deep in the Well - your own personal wellness retreat!
    450 US dollars
  • Full system reboot for body, mind, & soul
    350 US dollars
  • Two hours with optional Reiki • Surrender to the Potent Medicine of B...
  • Year of Two-Hour Sessions to Restore & Transform