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Reiki Immersion Training


Dive in with us. Your life will be forever changed.


This is a much more in-depth experience than the 1-day or weekend-long trainings that you usually find these days, restoring the integrity of tradition and integration to the way Reiki is taught.


These trainings are offered as an immersive experience so that you have the opportunity and support to fully embody the practice, and the Shifts that come, into your life.

Come, grow through these changes, in community with other students and the loving guidance of your Reiki Master Teacher. Your power and intuition are about to be massively amplified! 

Boundless Reiki carries on the traditional Usui lineage, while adding tools and consideration for 21st-century empaths and HSPs. These Immersion trainings (each level is a separate certification) offer an opportunity to become intimately acquainted with this healing art on much deeper levels than one-day trainings, ensuring that you will actually incorporate this invaluable skill into your life, and if you wish, share it with others in a way that is safe and appropriate.



Reiki I, or 1st Degree, is focused especially on self-care, although you also are taught how to responsibly share Reiki with others, as well as to understand the importance of energetic boundaries and consent. Reiki I certification does not qualify you to practice professionally. Read more below.

Reiki II, or 2nd Degree, provides an opportunity to deepen your connection - to your Self, Reiki energy, your practice, your intuition, and to the balance of care for self and care for others. Learn the Usui Reiki II symbols, how to send Reiki from a distance, and replace the hand-to-body connection with the mind when desired. Reiki II certification qualifies you to practice Reiki professionally, and those who wish to do so will receive appropriate guidance. Read more below.

Reiki III / Master Level is a year-long program that functions similarly to the apprenticeship model that used to be standard for mastering any craft. A small group of Reiki II practitioners who are ready to embark on the next level of training and practice will be accepted into this program each year, initiated into Reiki III/Master Level, and commit to regular exchanges with the other members, the Master Teacher, monthly lessons, and other opportunities to practice. Read more on the Reiki Mastery page if you are qualified & interested. This certification qualifies you to practice professionally and go on to teach others when you feel ready. Everyone must interview and pass an entrance exam.

Restorative Yin Yoga with Pari Darnell
Multiple Dates
Mar 26, 2:00 PM
ESL Shaw