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Investment Packages


Invest in Your Wellbeing


For those really seeking transformation in their lives, it can take time.  Make an investment in  yourself!


I offer investment packages for sets of 7 sessions, or a year-long commitment.  


In private work, I enjoy digging in and taking you on a deep dive, so my preference is for two- or three-hour sessions rather than shorter ones, so that we have a good hour for meditation, coaching & CBT, and then we can explore with whatever other modalities we've chosen. 


If you are working through some major issues, or healing trauma, this is not quick and easy work, so having three full hours every session to really dive in deep and work with a variety of modalities is super helpful. Consistency is important. Having sessions every week is ideal, every other week is minimum. Typically, we will shoot to book seven sessions in a two-month period.


If you were going to a traditional therapist to work through similar things, typically you would expect to see them for at least one year. Because of the comprehensive my approach which includes somatic awareness & a strong emphasis on the mind-body connection, many people experience breakthroughs and shift that they never did with traditional therapy.


Yet still, this is a *process* and requires patience and loving kindness with yourself. And it takes time, the duration of which I cannot predict.

Take advantage of these significant savings in support of your overall wellbeing.