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Meditation &Soundbaths



Meditation & Music Medicine:



at Eaton Wellness.

Online via livestream here on my site.

Please pre-register.

On Demand

The Meditation Library:

Short & long meditations, sound baths, special workshops.

On Demand.

Currently by donation.

Regular Events

Meditation & Music Medicine

Eaton Wellness in DC - Thursdays 7 - 8:30 pm ET; and Sundays time TBA.


To attend in person, please register through Eaton's Eventbrite.


You can join also join by livestream here on my site. Please pre-register (see below).

Biweekly Moon Circles

(These have been on hold but will return Spring 2023) 

Roughly every two weeks, I host a New Moon or Full Moon Circle, incorporating a sound bath meditation into a ceremony with deeper reflection, processing, journaling, & intention-setting.


Meditation Library On Demand


Dip in & check it out any time! There are full hour-long sound bath meditation classes, some shorter meditations, & a few audiovisual meditations. Most of these meditations are longer & designed to be done laying down in savasana.

I invite you to check in with me afterwards using the testimonial form below, or by text, voice note, email, or DM, to let me know how your experience was (let me know what video you watched/listened to), what you're manifesting, and anything else you want to share. 

Most livestreams go into the meditation library afterwards, so new classes appear there regularly. 

Other Meditation Opportunities

Come see me, or invite me to come to you. Most of my offerings at this time are available both in person (following pandemic safety protocol) & online.

I offer:

• sound bath meditation journey every Thursday evening; 

• 1:1 sessions that incorporate meditation along with other modalities as you desire;

• mindfulness & mind-body skills for private groups as well as non-profits, businesses, corporations, & cultural institutions;

• stress management programs incorporating meditation; 

• programs for municipalities & first responders; 

• programs for children, school teachers & administration; 

• programs & retreats customized to your needs.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.  Set up a complimentary Clarity Call to discuss the needs for your group, or if interested in 1:1 work, to talk about how I might be able to help you grow through whatever you are working on in your life right now.

Some people come to me for ongoing 1:1s in which meditation is an integral part. We meet weekly or bi-weekly for 2-3 hour sessions.  With ongoing sessions, some people really benefit from an 'accountability partner' with whom to check in every week, just as many people do with a talk therapist. This work is a great alternative or compliment to traditional therapy. You may have a specific issue you are growing through, and when you feel a level of 'completion,' we have a closing session. Afterwards continue supporting your self-care & evolution by coming to classes, moon circles, and special offerings.  

I love doing corporate gigs!  Whether it's simply a one-time meditation class in your office, implementation of a signature program, a workshop about cultivating a meditation practice, a speaking engagement on healthy living, or a customized retreat, I'm ready for you. Rates vary widely, depending on the circumstance. Set up a complimentary Discovery Call.

Boundless Meditation


Meditation is at the foundation of everything I do.  It helps relieve stress, ground yourself and find your center, and resets your nervous system which benefits not only your mind & body, but your physical body as well. A consistent practice can become a guiding force in your life that helps you find your path and stay on it. Ultimately, it is a key to your personal liberation.


There is no limit on the variety of approaches to meditation.  In some traditions, the idea is to settle into total stillness and simply observe oneself, and to cultivate a practice that helps you be mindful and present as you move through daily life.  Generally speaking, the common threads connecting most practices are body awareness, breath awareness, and mindfulness - being present, in the moment.  Beyond that, the ways to slip into the expansive dimensions of your mind & being are endless. 

While some traditions focus on discipline and mastery, and there is certainly something to be said for that, my mission is to guide people into a state of deep relaxation, nurturing, & healing.  I love to create opportunities for deep restoration, personal revelation, & transformation. 


I incorporate live music fused with Reiki into almost all of my group meditation sessions. Yoga Nidra & shamanic journeying are woven into some sessions. My work in Transformational Life Coaching, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Somatic Awareness, & Mind-Body Medicine influences the way I guide meditations as well.

Meditation & Music Medicine

Meditation Library

Suggested donation per class $20-$5:

Venmo/PayPal @artismoon;

CashApp $theBoundlessLife

(Click a button below).

Testimonials are also a nice, & useful, way to show appreciation. I value your feedback, here, on social media, by email, or by text. Thank you!

Please text me if you are having any problems with the videos.

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Meditation Library
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