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Rising, Rooted

What does it mean to be in Ayni,

right relation to all things,

all parts of ourselves?

How to ignite new nodes

in the Matrix of the liminal space container, between the suffering

of thrashing about,

and giving it space to be?





She said, “Artis has been doing this work since she was in the womb,” and this filled me with a welling up from an ancient place in myself.

Like the gentle stirring of the wind’s kisses,

rattling loose that which has had its

day in the sun,

let those fallen leaves

nourish the ground in hibernation,

composting into rich and fertile soil

for the future flowers and trees

that have yet to grow.

Rising, Rooted,

in Fertile Soil,

on Sacred Ground.

Creating a bridge

from the suffering my mother

may have experienced in her mother’s womb -

to the suffering she experienced

having her womb activated,

occupied by this undesired entity,

prompting me to begin that work

of transmutation, which of course

I signed on for when I was spirit -

to the bridge of my own womb

activated, healing, striving to

break the cycles . . . so myriad

It’s hard to name,

but in essence, of tortured womanhood,

motherhood, personhood.

Devalued, persecuted, disempowered,

mischaracterized, domesticated,

subjugated, no more!

Let them feel the power of my truth-telling,

the comfort of my bosom,

the nature of my nurturing,

the moan of my mothering,

the wisdom of the women

and men I’ve been,

from here to eternity,

damning the abusive powers that be,

demanding, I AM ME!

See me, hear me, feel me,

Listen to me, learn from me!

Though I may feel battered and bruised

by the woes of this earthly world,

There is, yes, sustaining me,

the zeitgeist of

a wild and wonderful warrior woman,

whose wisdom is as ancient as the moon & stars,

whose work began long before

I appeared as a twinkle of stardust

in my mother’s belly, evolving

into the consciousness

that is Artis Mooney.

Here I stand, Rising still,

Rooted, on the fertile soil

and Sacred Ground

of my life’s Legacy

of Love

& Letting Be.

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