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Updated: Feb 21, 2023

mind can fly

lightyears within

traveling unfathomable distances

in split seconds

mind can soar

in silence

like the seagull

riding that magic carpet

gliding in perfect


transcending time

spiraling through

the center of

the universe

the soul is the ship

the body is the anchor

gravity brings us into this

earthly world

and she will eventually bring

us back to herself

from the moment of birth begins the propensity toward the inevitable demise

from the moment of death begins a new life

all alive


Mind Can Fly - Artis Moon Amarché

This piece is old, maybe over 20 years? I did printer’s variations on it, & this is one.

I believe at the time of writing this poem, I was really contemplating & digesting the fact that my Dad was going to die someday. There was a time when just the thought of that was unbearable & would make me weep or sob. The Personal aspect of Me just couldn’t bear it. The Universal part of Me knew that it was part of the cycle of life & did things like make art or poetry to help my Personal self accept it.

I always had a sense that we’d been family in other lives, maybe in a different relationship, maybe even been married in another life.

Now that he’s given up his body, we have a new relationship… 💚 Hard to explain unless you know what I mean, but it’s true!

Over the years, I gradually accepted the idea of the mortality of my Hero, my Dad, & partly, I was forced to accept it when I started to lose him slowly, to Dementia. But at least I could still talk with him, even if not like before, & hug & kiss him.

This morning a wave of grief hit & I found myself standing in the kitchen, crying. I miss him so very much. We adored each other.

I can’t wait to get back in the studio.

It’s actually been a long time, way too long. My Dad became an ancestor in October, my MIL in November, two days after I had to transition out of my old studio to a different space in the warehouse, but the new one wasn’t ready for me yet. We were shifting things around in the warehouse because our beloved studio mate passed unexpectedly in mid-August… (Lots of mourning & grief late summer & through Fall.)

With my buddy running the space doing what he could between his own paid work & the holidays, my studio was finally done in mid-January, but I’ve been in the midst of a big launch & website overhaul, so I just haven’t been able to get it in… Tomorrow I will go dig in & get organized. 🙏🏽

Who wants to come for a studio visit sometime?



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