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a Transformative Life Experience
for Spiritual & Creative Women

Immersive Shero's Journey

Join us
for this Deep Dive of self-empowerment
- heal your traumatic past,
find more peace & inspiration in the present,
and manifest a truly fulfilling life
that honors the work of art it is.

Interview & Enrollment process is now open. You must interview to determine the timing of this journey is right for you. Please read on, and book your call at the bottom of the page.

The next Shero's Journey launches soon. The next cohort is gathering. Join us.


Remember Who You Are

What if you could:


... peel back the layers of sorrow, guilt, & shame associated with the trauma you’ve endured, to reveal the Truth & Essence of who you really are? 

... improve your self-esteem & self-confidence, so that you can live a life that is Bold & Free?

... fully reclaim your identity & take your power back?

... chart a path to thriving financially - while following your passions?

... honor your past & write a new story?


Excavate Your Gems

In this Transformational Coaching Immersion, an intimate group of women will journey together through the depths of their souls,

establish an invaluable toolkit of Inner Resources,

dive deep into their shadowy realms,

broaden the expanse of their consciousness,

discover more peace, presence, & inspiration

in their daily lives,

and take back their power

as Co-Creators of their reality.


Having built a creative / spiritual / mind-body toolkit over the years to help myself stay sane through some insane situations - and transforming a life that was peppered with misery & pain into one that really feels more bold & free than ever - I am dedicated to sharing these tools with others, especially women, so that they can free themselves from the effects of generational trauma & abuse, and empower themselves to live ever more Bold & Free as well. These are many of the same tools I share with my 1:1 clients to help them heal, find peace, and manifest their dreams.

Now more than ever, it is time for you to stop playing small.

  • Work through your past so that it's no longer weighing you down & holding you back.

  • Design a life that's built on your strengths and caters to your passions.

  • Show up fully in your unique role that you're here to play.



You are a Luminous Being,

a Glorious Soul.

Do your shadow work, in a safe & intimate container,

& Excavate the Gems formed

under the pressures of your life experience.

Polish Your Soul's Shine.


Immerse Yourself

This is a Deep Dive with live online weekly classes,
personal work with weekly assignments, check-ins, group coaching, ready access to me,
private sessions, & optional (but highly encouraged) biweekly Moon Circles.
There is an average time commitment of about 5-8 hours a week,
including meetings & homework.

You will learn & integrate life-long tools of

  • self-care,

  • self-healing,

  • self-expression,

  • self-empowerment,

  • & self-liberation,

so you can 

  • peel back the layers of pain & trauma you've endured, 

  • find more inner peace and inspiration in your daily life,

  • honor everything you’ve grown through that has shaped who you are today,

  • and manifest a truly fulfilling life that is a heart-felt work of art.

Keep reading if you feel like this is right on time, and then book your complimentary Pre-Enrollment Interview - at the bottom of this page - to make sure this Deep Dive Immersion is a good fit for you at this time in your life.


Your Precious Bounty

  • Peel back the layers of guilt & shame that are associated with the trauma you’ve endured.

  • Peel back layers of harmful conditioning from family, society, & toxic relationships.

  • Heal yourself from your traumatic past, on all levels of your being.

  • Let go of limiting beliefs.

  • Break free from cycles of abuse.

  • Work to stop perpetuating cycles of generational trauma.

  • Release anything that’s no longer serving you.

  • Fully reclaim/resdiscover your identity, & take your power back.

  • Improve your self-esteem & self-confidence, so that you can live a life that is Bold & Free.

  • Chart a path to thriving financially while following your passions.

  • Grow through a Shift that brings you more Peace in the present.

  • Explore what you really want out of life. Why Are You Here?

  • Chart your unique Path, in service to your Purpose.

  • Give birth to a more expansive & fulfilling manifestation of your future.

  • Create a life that is truly a moving, in-progress work of art. 

  • Gain valuable tools of self-inquiry, self-healing, self-expression, self-empowerment, & self-liberation - rooted in meditation, mindfulness, group transformational coaching, shamanic journeying, sound healing, art, writing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Jungian Psychology, Somatic Awareness, Sacred Circle, Ritual, & Ceremony.

  • Remember the Truth & Power of Who You Are.

  • Acknowledge the Story you've been telling, Honor it, Release what's no longer serving you, & Write a New Story.


Practical Magic

  • Live online weekly meetings on Monday evenings (Eastern Time) with meditation, instruction, practice, & sharing

  • Practical, lifelong mind-body & self-expression tools

  • Group transformational, life, & creativity coaching

  • Weekly check-in

  • Access to me by text or email for support

  • Password-protected website with class replays available, your weekly Words of Inspiration, and the Polish Your Shine manual which includes your instructions & prompts for each step of the Shero's Journey in these areas:

    • Mindfulness

    • Meditation

    • Writing

    • Art / Creativity

  • Private forum on my site's member app for dialogue, asking questions, & sharing images & video

  • Create your Soul Map - a visual representation of Where You've Come From, Where You Are Right Now, & Where You're Headed - a Manifestation Portal that will keep you Oriented as you navigate your path, now & in the years to come;

  • Virtual Open Studio times to hang, chat, & work through assignments

  • Possible in-person gatherings for those local to DC

  • Recommended reading list

  • Plus....




Bonus 1

Monthly private session with me - by Zoom or in-person.


Bonus 2

Biweekly Moon Circles - complimentary admission: Biweekly, there is a New Moon or Full Moon Circle. This is a fertile place for you to do your work of this Immersion - Polish Your Shine. Read more on my site. You are highly encouraged to attend.

... blessings are flowing in abundance..

Bonus 3

Meditation: Weekly in person + livestream class 

LIVE Thursdays 7 pm ET - 

Meditation & Music Medicine;

+ access to meditation library of past classes & original audiovisual meditations.


Your Humble Guide


If you don't already know me, my name is Artis Moon Amarché.


I'm an Eclectic Soul with a thriving healing arts practice built on my skills as a trauma-informed Sound Healer, Transformational Life Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Meditation Guide, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, & Interdisciplinary Artist.


I’m a DC native living right over the city line, in Maryland - a single mom raising / homeschooling three great kids - ages 11-20 and taking care of my autistic younger brother, who lives with us, and until his passing in October, 2022, my Dear Ol' Dad.

Somehow, we have a beautiful flow of organized chaos.... 


I feel truly honored to be where I am now, at this point in my life - Living my Purpose -

holding space for Deep Restoration and Transformation, and sharing an eclectic array of tools for folx to empower themselves holistically in their wellbeing & spiritual journey.


I personally have managed to transcend family trauma and abuse from childhood and adulthood, and come through some dark times, to design my life to my liking, making a living doing what I love, in alignment with my Path & my Purpose.

I have worked for myself my whole life, following my passions, and gained a reputation as an expert in my community in a variety of fields including arts education, music, meditation, sound healing, performance production, holistic coaching, Reiki, visual art, photography, and even tap dancing, which was my bread & butter for many years.


Over the past twenty-five years, I've helped thousands of people transform their lives in many different ways, whether for 15 minutes, or forever.

Let's Journey Together



“When I began this course, I was carrying childhood trauma that I did not know how to handle.  At times it felt unbearable, even after trying different kinds of therapy & talking through it with people who I trusted.  

     Polish Your Shine touches on every part of your spiritual, social, physical, & soul life.  There is nothing more powerful than healing with a supportive community, guided by Artis’ invaluable intuition, experience, & empathy.  Halfway through this 12-week journey, I’d already let go of the tremendous weight from which I never thought I’d be released."

- Basma ​

"Polish Your Shine gave me the opportunity & spiritual tools to begin rebuilding continuity in my life after a traumatic injury. I discovered how interesting it is to uncover the heartfelt intentions of the generations before. 

     Artis is a brilliant & organized facilitator who deeply understands the creative process as a way to move through trauma, and bring women of all backgrounds together, to find connection and support."

- Anyah

"When I started Polish Your Shine, I was suffering, feeling sad, lonely, & confused a lot of the time. I wanted more of a community, wanted to be known, wanting to share & express myself, feel less muffled.

     Now I feel so much lighter. Purposeful & aligned with an actual mission. I feel I've met some women who I'll have in my life for some time to come. My confidence is boosted seeing who I am reflected back to me.

     I'm not sure exactly what the shift is that occurred other than there now being a ready made community of women who are all transforming with me, but I am really enjoying the process of healing together & sharing with each other by virtue of having a course together. I've had a history of a lot of social anxiety, & group settings have scared the shit out of me for a long time, but it is getting easier and easier to show up these days.

     I am starting to get that holding on to my past will only keep me there. It is essential to get clear. Forgive, & release myself from the ghosts of my past."

- A.K.

sparkle crescent moon woman.jpg

It's time.

If this resonates with you, don't miss out on this life-changing opportunity to spend extended time with an intimate tribe of women on a journey of self-discovery, self-healing, & self-empowerment. There are 8 spaces max; keeping the group small ensures time for a deeper level of connection & sharing.

This is a commitment - to yourself, and the other women in the group. We are creating a sacred, safe energetic container, to be honored. The nature of this process requires that everyone is doing their work as we move through the Phases of the Journey together. The weekly accountability helps you keep your momentum (even when you may want to give up), & see your mission to its completion. Shadow work is not for the faint of heart, but I've got your back, & the Light you will bring into your life is priceless.

I'm really looking forward to facilitating & witnessing your individual & collective transformation.

As we heal ourselves & lean into our Purpose, we help to heal the planet.

This is my Life Work!

💚 Artis Moon Amarché | the Boundless Life

My work is heart-centered, trauma-informed, & dedicated to serving a diverse, culturally rich audience. The mission is holding a safe space for inner peace, alchemy of the Soul, & restoration of balance on all levels of being. This program is open to women of all races, nationalities, ethnicities, and sexual orientation. Black, Brown, & Indigenous women are encouraged to apply. The work is deeply spiritual in nature and transcends religious orientation. Please talk to me if cost is prohibitive. If Polish Your Shine isn't the right program for you at this point, there are many other ways I can support you.

Explore at


Added Support

If you want to take advantage of the momentum created with this Immersion & get extra support via additional 1:1 add-on options (discounted from regular hourly rate). Add this number to your total for the Immersion, or contact me to book your additional privates separately anytime during the Immersion:


• One 2-hour session - $200

• Three 2-hour sessions - $500

• Six 2-hour sessions - $1000

If you're new to my work, have a look around my site to see what other resources are available to you, and learn more about the bonuses that are included in Polish Your Shine.

Curious about personal sessions__Each se

Business -Wide Policies


During this time of variations on quarantine, all services are available online, via Zoom or or my own meeting platforms & livestream.

Some classes/services are beginning to return to in-person, yay!

If the class is being held via Zoom, you should automatically receive a link after you complete registration. In-person services are available on a case-by-case basis & in accordance with local safety guidelines and current state mandates.



All payments for all services are strictly non-refundable, but credit can be transferred to future sessions or workshops, if you cancel at least 24 hours before the service starts. If less than 24 hours notice is given for any cancellations, I may allow 50% credit to be applied to a future session, decided on a case by case basis. Exceptions to this policy will only be made in cases of emergency, at my discretion.

All classes or workshops are paid in advance in full unless other arrangements are made. When you book a private session, you may pay the entire session up front, or pay a deposit of at least 50% to hold the time slot, in which case, the remaining 50% is due the day of the session.


You can pay through the site directly when booking, or when I've allowed for electronic payment options, those can be sent via: Venmo or PayPal @artismoon, or CashApp $theBoundlessLife. If you are paying through an app, you are still expected register through the site and then you can choose the 'pay manually' option at check-out.

Please include a note with your payment indicating title and date of session / service you're paying for.

Please email me if you have any questions, or if you do not receive a confirmation email & Zoom link.

Text me at 202-215-4498 for any last-minute issues.

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