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Reiki Mastery Registration

I'm so excited to guide you and work with you as we embark on this journey!
If you're ready to register, you've had your interview, considered what is involved in this commitment, & you are ready for this life-changing adventure.

The value included in this hybrid in-person / online Immersion (cut in half if you're doing 6 months):

  • Monthly 2-hr. meetings which include meditation, Reiki lessons, group practice, & group life coaching ($600 value)

  • Weekly or biweekly 1-hr. check-ins (TBD, up to 44 weeks - $880 value)

  • Commitment to monthly session exchanges with the other members ($180 value)

  • Commitment to regularly practice on others outside the group if you are interested in practicing professionally, or are already (inherent value)

  • Monthly practice session with Artis (your Master Teacher) ($1800 value)

  • Monthly 1.5 hr. private session with Artis ($2,700 value)

  • Opportunities to practice professionally as a group (inherent value + potential earnings for you)

  • Support for your practice if you are already practicing professionally ($1800 value)

  • Private class site & forum for sharing experiences, video replays, information & learning materials, etc. ($360 value)

  • Apprenticing with your Master Teacher in teaching Reiki I & II if desired ($1200 value)

  • Reiki III/Master Level Certification (value encompassed in this list) 

  • $10 Discount off biweekly Moon Circles ($240 value)


That's a total value of at least $9,760 for the year that you're getting for $1800. (Or $4,880 for $900 if you're doing six months.)

You can sign up for an auto-deduct payment plan of $150/month, but if you prefer to instead to be invoiced & pay in full or 2 payments, or you need an alternative payment arrangement, let me know.

Register below if you're ready. 


Note that so far only the starting date (Tues., June 21, 7-830 pm) shows for this service. Calendar will be updated with additional dates once the cohort gathers & we agree on suitable meeting times.