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All are welcome & valued here.

My eclectic approach to the healing, the arts, and transformational coaching is available to people of all races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientation, and even age.  I have always been committed to providing an inclusive environment that is a safe space for all. 

Dip your toe in and check it out, or dive deep with me... meaning:

  • The best way to get a sense of how I work with people is to experience it for yourself.  

  • If you're curious about 1:1 sessions, book a session to try it out!  The first private session should be a minimum of and hour and a half, if not longer, so that we have some time for a check-in and then a taste of the modality of your choosing.  You'll find an option for an intro session on the 'jump in > sessions' page.  

  • For those really seeking transformation in their lives, it can take time.  Make an investment in  yourself!  In private work, I enjoy digging in and taking you on a deep dive, so my preference is for two- or three-hour sessions rather than shorter ones so that we have a good hour to talk and then explore with whatever modalities we've chosen.


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Mind-body medicine jives with pretty much all religious & spiritual orientation; simply come with an open mind and heart.​ 

Here's more of an overview of the logistics and what to expect, who this work is geared toward . . .

I work with groups and individuals in a variety of settings, and every session is tailored to the situation and individual(s).  After working with children as an arts integration specialist for 20 years (& raising children for 18 of those years), I have been primarily working with adults in my healing arts business thus far.  I would love to work more with children & families who are looking for alternatives that support the whole child, nurture their social/emotional intelligence, & even offer an opportunity for them to discover or strengthen their spiritual connection.


Each session is unique and a creative process unto itself, guided by knowledge, experience, and intuition - heart, mind, and spirit.  I offer group and private sessions, both in-person and online.  During time of quarantine, all services are available online. 

  • Meditation is the foundation of this work.  It is where the seeds are planted.   

  • I offer weekly meditations, biweekly Moon Circles, Reiki training, as well as other workshops, courses, private and corporate engagements, and customized retreats.

  • I share practical tools to reduce stress, prevent disease, and bolster mental, emotional, physical, and even spiritual health.

  • I typically book 1:1 Restoration and Transformation sessions weekly at my private studio in Takoma Park Main Street area, and am currently seeing all clients via video chat.   

  • Join my mailing list below &/or follow me on Instagram to stay informed.  My homepage always has current offerings highlighted with a direct link to info & registration. 

For privates, I offer bundles of seven sessions for a generous discount!


I have been honored to guide others into a state of deep peace and transformation at a variety of venues, which have included the Smithsonian's National Gallery of Art, the Renwick, and the Arts & Industries Building, Take Five Meditation, Recharj, Eaton Wellness, The Wing, Gensler, DC Fray, the Meyer Foundation, WeWork, and Voice of America, to name a few. 


You can bring me to your workplace, home, or other location, in person or virtually, for a meditation session, mini Reiki sessions, or even an in-house or off-site retreat.  I have other complimentary practitioners I work with when needed.  Send me an email to start the dialogue.


What private sessions look like depends on the situation, whether we are doing a one-time session or committing to some deeper ongoing work.  Just reach out!  When needed, I offer a complimentary 15 minute to half-hour consultation to discuss your goals, your availability and budget (which determine the length and frequency of your sessions), and the ways in which I might support you.    

© Artis Moon Amarché BoundlessPhotoArts.net - Each effort, each moment, has a ripple effect.
Each effort, each moment

of processing, of honoring, of truly seeing, acknowledging, releasing judgement, exploring, looking deeper, searching in the shadows, being real with ourselves about what we find, playing with it, releasing, letting go, and then implementing actions which contribute to our growth and purpose in life...  each

has a ripple effect....


My passion is giving you tools and support to empower yourself in your healing and growth process. 


We all have something we are working through, whether we are recovering from childhood trauma or other emotional wounds, battling fear, trying to unravel unhealthy conditioning and limiting beliefs, trying to shift something in the way we relate to ourselves or others, or just trying manifest the next phase in our lives. 


Additionally, ancestral trauma is embedded in our DNA.   The good news is... neuroplasticity.  Mind-body skills can help in actually rewiring the brain and reprogramming our response to certain stimuli.  Read more at 'about this work.'    

No matter where you are in your life right now, or where you 'want to be', 

it's all about Perspective, and the stories that you tell yourself....

Feeling stagnant or stuck but not sure why?  

Thinking you'll finally be happy if only ____ happens?  

Finding yourself caught up in your own mind, 

disconnected from your body, and your higher Self? 

Are you manifesting some type of imbalance

- emotional, mental, physical, energetic, even

spiritual - and looking for alternative or

complimentary/integrative modalities

for healing and growth?

Or, are you actually feeling pretty happy in your life overall, and simply

ready for active support in manifesting the next big Shift

in your life?  Maybe you're ready to turbocharge your personal evolution, 

or you're searching for deeper meaning and fulfillment in your life.

Perhaps, you're a mother, or a father, tired

of the status quo, looking for a different kind

of support for yourself and/or your children - support that nurtures the whole child, truly bolsters their overall health, free of labels & boxes, and offers suggestions for natural alternatives to conventional ways of dealing with 'mental health.' 

Our socio-emotional health is just as important as our physical health, and in fact, they are connected and influence one another! 

I love to work with children, families, and couples as well.

(And ask about Reiki for your pets!)

If you are looking for something beyond the status quo... you are in the right place:

  • alternatives (&/or compliment) to mainstream therapeutic practices, for yourself, a loved one, your family; 

  • holistic therapeutic support for yourself &/or your children that caters to mental and emotional intelligence, as well as spiritual, if desired; 

  • guidance with cultivating healthy eating habits; 

  • help exploring  alternatives to the largely toxic and for-profit Western medical system;

  • holistic rehabilitation support for recovery from alcoholism/addiction;

  • guidance with incorporating cannabis, herbal medicine, &/or supplements into your healthcare regimen, etc*....

* All guidance is given in full legal compliance and is in no way intended to diagnose or cure disease, nor to replace medical advice.  

More specifically, when I guide a session, I may draw on Yoga Nidra or other guided meditations;  visualizations; journaling; visual art processes (for giving voice to one’s subconscious thoughts and feelings); singing, chanting, music-making, dancing; and dialogue, in Safe Space, inspired by self-reflection, self-inquiry, & self-discovery.  How the session flows and what is incorporated depends partly on if it is a group or private session, what the setting is, the energy in the room, what is needed & desired....  


Every session is highly customized to your wishes & needs.  


I typically include energetic clearing via smudging (with sage, palo santo, and/or other herbs) &/or sound healing depending on the length of session.  For online sessions, Reiki can be used for energetic clearing from a distance. 

We may also incorporate storytelling... your life story; yoga or other movement; tarot; EFT (emotional freedom technique - also known as 'tapping'); massage with CBD salve and crystals; suggestions for lifestyle changes - looking at your diet, personal care & cleaning products, how to discover Food as Medicine; etc.... 

Read more about what influences my process and the philosophy behind it at 'about this work.'


For more specific info about what a private or group session looks like, see below, as well as the home page, and look around in the 'about' section.  If you're ready, go ahead and book a session


Feel free to contact me with any questions.  Set up a complimentary Discovery Call to discuss the needs for your group, or if interested in 1:1 work, to talk about how I might be able to help you grow through whatever you are working on in your life right now.

Some people come to me for ongoing 1:1s  in which we meet weekly or bi-weekly for 2-3 hour sessions.  They may continue with regular sessions ongoing, benefitting from an 'accountability partner' with whom to check in every week, just as many people do with a talk therapist.  Some may have a specific issue they are growing through, and when they feel a level of 'completion,' they then take a break from privates but continue supporting their self-care & evolution by coming to classes and special offerings.  

I love doing corporate gigs!  Whether it's simply a one-time meditation class in your office, a block of mini Reiki sessions, a workshop about cultivating a meditation practice, a speaking engagement on healthy living, or a customized retreat, I'm down!  Rates vary widely, depending on the circumstance. 

I do my best to keep my prices reasonable, but know that my rates are subject to change. Also please know that I am supporting a house of six, on my own. 


It is important to me that this work is accessible, so if you are interested, and cost is prohibitive, let me know, and let's see what we can work out, I allow for some scholarship and barter scenarios on a case by case basis.  If you are financially abundant and can afford more for your sessions, please feel free to pay more.  ;)


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Individual Private Sessions


I do see clients for standalone sessions, but most people come to me looking to grow through something.  If you are a new client who is ready to Dive Deep and commit to an initial series of seven sessions of at least two hours each, I do a comprehensive intake to get a solid idea of  "where you've come from, where you're at, and where you're going."  We talk about your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health; your short-, medium-, and long-term goals; and your traumas, emotional wounds, and major life milestones.  Sometimes we go into the life story, in detail. 


A typical session will begin with a short meditation to bring us down from our minds and integrate with our bodies so that we can be as present as possible for the session.  Then we have a check-in, where we talk for a bit.  The length of time we talk depends on the length of the session, but for example, in a two-hour session, the first half of that may be our check-in & coaching.  And then we move into the modalities of choice, so that may be smudging/clearing, a taste of sound healing, 40 minutes on the table receiving Reiki, and then a closing check-in where I will give homework.  

Depending on the circumstances, one may experience a lasting shift in a couple weeks, months, or it may be a progression over a year or longer.  Consider that often, if you go to traditional therapy to work through an issue, you are asked to commit to at least a year of sessions.  Most people find this work far more effective and in-depth than traditional talk therapy.      


Some people see me on an ongoing basis as they grow through changes, and as an integral part of their regular self-care routine, an accountability partner so to speak, someone to regularly check in with.  For this reason, I do offer a yearly subscription at a current price of $750/month for a total of 44 two-hour sessions throughout the calendar year, which is a 15% discount - a total annual savings of almost $1600. And of course, you can buy a similarly discounted package for 3-hour sessions as well. 


Group Sessions

Group sessions are highly customizable to any situation and can vary from basic Meditation 101, to more playful energy with Mindfulness Games, or Sound Baths, moon circles, drum circles, sensory immersions, art parties, or full-on retreats of varying lengths.  I love to innovate with healing and the arts, and I can always customize a workshop to your needs.  


Bring me to your office, hire me to produce a Wellness Fair for your workplace, or host a wellness party at your home or even a remote location.  Include a fully catered organic meal if you wish!

I'm available for public speaking engagements and lecture/demos about how to demystify healthy living, beat stress, experience Food As Medicine, prevent disease, and incorporate meditation, mindfulness, healthy eating, complimentary medicine, creativity, and self-expression into your life in pragmatic ways, in order to live your most fulfilling life.  Contact me to start the dialogue....    

To learn more about any of the modalities & skills I incorporate, read 'about the tools.' 

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