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The Miracle Tonic

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

This drink is my #1 recommended health tip that I share. It's great for so many things.

So -

Yes, for some people, it's allergy season again. For me personally, one of the primary things at this time of year is avoiding dairy & wheat which are both mucus-producing in my body. White/processed sugar is to be avoided as it really breaks down the immune system. And, for me, no red wine during high allergy times... not that I drink much alcohol anyway, but I have found that the sulfites in red wine in particular will almost inevitably throw me into an allergy attack the next day. Any excess of rich, fatty foods, processed foods, & animal products should be avoided more than usual at this time.

In the event that I start to feel an allergy attack coming on, or I know it may be a bad day for them, there is a very effective & simple apple cider vinegar & honey 'tonic' that I recommend to all my friends. It's very easy to make & effective for a number or ailments. I call it the Miracle Tonic.

In a 32-oz water bottle (preferably), cover the bottom of the bottle with organic apple cider vinegar, about an 1/8 inch deep. Add equal amount or slightly more of honey (local is best, pourable raw is even better). Fill half way with water & shake until the honey totally dissolves. Then add the rest of the water. Sip throughout the day or drink over the course of an hour, whichever works for you. If I am having an allergy attack, this typically nips it in the bud in 5 minutes or less.

All kinds of things that can be treated with this tonic: colds, indigestion, stomach aches, yeast infections, & more. It's a great tool for fasting or weight loss, and generally great for boosting your immune system. It is a great alkalizer and neutralizes your body's pH.

More to come on other tips for supporting your overall health....

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