Radio Silence

Radio Silence:

I was already tired y’all.

Most of the winter, ii :

in extended Hibernation,

processing deep Root & Sacral work,

shadow realms.

Lifelong insecurity of the home, trauma, patterns,

conditioning, programming, ancestral lines, spirit families,

allowing so much to come up & pass through, Transmute, clear.

Manifested through my body with a month

of debilitating sciatica & neck pain

(chakra centers calling my attention!)

starting January Full Moon.

I knew -

this was a physical manifestation

calling me to Let Go. Of so much.

I guided myself through the work,

Actively acknowledging and engaging

That Which Needs to Be Released.

And it’s all a very personal & private process,

yet in some ways so Universal as well.

It sounds like it might have been heavy,

but there is a Freedom and a Lightness

that grows from the Release.

It’s all about Perspective.

Sometimes the private process is so active,

Public process must be put on Pause.

Communication efforts are directed Inward

rather than Outward.

I Cocoon, have very little interaction

outside my family.

This push & pull between

Private & Public has been a theme

of my Life & my Work for many years.

It’s not that one is Good and one is Bad.

It’s about where we need to focus our Attention, right now.

I’ve been fortunate to construct a life

that allows for that Ebb & Flow.

So - over the years,

periods of Radio Silence.

Even when I’m outwardly quiet,

perhaps even ‘unproductive,’

there is a Percolating,

Simmering of Mind Stew,

Seeds germinating below the surface.

This winter,

Beyond these inner workings,

I felt something else in the air.

Like birds that go silent before a storm,

not knowing what was coming

or even that I was feeling it,

there was a reticence

to emerge from my chrysalis.

Just as I was convincing myself to come out of Hibernation -

This. In one day, the Whole World


Different Places and People had their ‘Oh Shit’ Day,

But a Ripple Effect has been felt

around the World.

And I feel it All.

I can protect myself; but sometimes,

it feels that part of my Role