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Basic Principles of Healthy Eating

November 11, 2018

Healthy eating is something that many people are mystified by, many people try to do, unsuccessfully, because they are not aware of some really basic (pun intended) guidelines to follow when looking at what a meal is, and what it should look like.... Let me elaborate....  Scientifically speaking, it comes down to base vs. acid.  

The meal you see below is not only beautiful, but incredibly healthy.  Do you know why?



Number one - it's real food, as provided by Mother Nature!  Not something man-made in a factory or a lab.  When in doubt, that's always a good place to start....  


All foods are alkalizing or acidifying in your body (& some are both).  All disease, especially cancer, thrives on acid.  Disease cannot survive in an alkaline system.  To be super simplistic about this: all fresh fruits & vegetables (unless they are fried) are alkalizing in your system.  Most grains, but not all, are acidifying.  All animal products are acidifying.  Ideally, for optimal health, throughout our day, 75% of our intake should be alkalizing foods, and only 25% acidifying.  If you are suffering from chronic illness, and especially if you have a disease such as cancer, you want to eliminate acidifying foods as much as possible.


Once you begin to develop a different relationship with food, and a different idea of what a meal looks like, and begin to notice the difference in how you feel when you do or don't eat certain foods, it all begins to make sense....  You can look up 'alkaline diet' and get your own chart of alkaline/acidifying foods and begin to experiment.  You can hire me to teach you about Food As Medicine.  And soon....


I will be launching an online live coaching course that will demystify what it means to eat healthy, how to gradually change your diet, identify and eliminate irritants, and shift into a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle....  Join my mailing list &/or follow my IG account @theBoundlessLife to stay tuned! 


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