Requiem for the Fallen

Dear Ones. While I have been trying to muster the words, the People have taken to the streets… & I would be right there too, except I have 5 lives totally dependent on me. But I want to make clear how I feel.

ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH from the get-go, from when the first colonist set foot on the soil of this beautiful continent over 400 years ago! I was tired of it when I came into this world in 1973, & I’m not black in this life.

My black & brown family, my Asian family, my Hispanic family, my HUMAN family, I love you so dearly, & I wish we didn’t live in this kind of world with so many ignorant & hateful people. We are in this together. I stand with you. I vow to continue to do my part, no matter how uncomfortable or painful. I am here, to hold space for you, if needed.

As painful as all this public display of unthinkably cruel, inhumane *insanity* is - I hope the rEVOLolution is here & that there are finally enough of us living in the Light of the Revolution of Consciousness, from all nations, to effect real & lasting change, to birth a New Earth - for our children, & their children, & all future generations. Let them be free from this Hell of Generational Trauma. PLEASE, let us literally vibrate higher & leave the haters behind in another dimension. Let us unite as evolved human BEings & focus our energies to live in harmony & flow with one another, with Pachamama, with all living beings. There may be some birthing pains.... So be it. May it be so.

Not one of us is Free until we ALL are free.

In solidarity, your Sister. 🙏🏾🌙🌎

written, performed, & produced by

artis moon | boundless

<camera> artis moon + stock

<music> freestyle on tank drum

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