Racism is a 400+ Year-Old National Health Emergency

THE REVOLUTION WILL BE TELEVISED! Racism needs to be declared a National Health Emergency, NOW. The fact is that it *has* been, on this continent, for over four hundred years. It is really dumbfounding to me how many people don’t see the Truth. I have been a conscientious objector since I was a child. I saw the bullshit of this country so clearly as early as age 4, in part because my Dad made sure to share stories with me letting me know the fucked up history & culture of this country, & in part simply because of my soul memories that came through with me to this incarnation. I ‘took a knee’ starting in elementary school when I refused to say the Pledge of Allegiance, ever, because the very words are a contradiction to reality in the U.S. It was plain as day. I refuse to pledge allegiance to any country, first of all - I am a citizen of Planet Earth. Even today, as a public official, I refuse to pledge allegiance to a country whose very existence is hypocrisy. Land of the Free MY ASS. I place my hand on my heart & say my own silent prayer that one day we may see a reality where we All are Truly Free & ALL HUMAN BEINGS ARE TREATED EQUALLY.

The most recent heartbreak with the murder of #GeorgeFloyd has been especially driven home after finding out that he was the second cousin of a client/friend who is very dear to my heart. I have been finding myself at a loss of words as I often do in these times. When I am silent, I am in mourning, holding space in the spirit realm for those who can’t mourn properly because all of a sudden, their loved one has been thrust into worldwide fame, posthumously, & now they just must find the strength to push forward in this fight for justice that they hoped they would never have to fight. Words are so inadequate sometimes, which is why I make art & play music, & meditate.

Particularly in guiding meditations or promoting my work, I have felt so conflicted. I aim to hold a safe, non- triggering space, but when things flare up, ignoring the elephant in the room feels disingenuous.

While sometimes holding space means providing a safe space that is a loving respite from all the horrors of the world, sometimes holding space means offering a safe place to honor, grieve, & be present with all the feelings, to breathe through the heart ache, find a moment of reprieve, & some Purpose with which to keep moving forward.

If you are grieving, I love you. I see you. I hear you. I honor your pain. I honor your life. I share your tears. I vow to keep doing my part, keep spreading the light, & using my energy to manifest a New Earth where we are all Free, in our hearts, minds, bodies, & spirits. 💜

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