Damn Thirsty



The fish needs to say,

"Something ain't right about this

Camel ride --

And I'm

feeling so damn


• Hafiz •

. . . Are you thirsty? . . .
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We are all connected.  You are not alone.  Pull back.  Shift perspective.  There is always someone who has it far better than you, and someone who has it far, far worse than you....  

how my path led me here


<...try to keep this to a shorter bio/synopsis.  save the longer story for a blog post.>

This work is my passion - I have always loved helping people, and have often been that friend that people confide in or seek advice from .  Now, although there are many things that I do, my life work is to help people empower themselves to take their healing & evolution into their own hands. 


In this world, just about every one of us suffers from some sort of trauma, and these traumas manifest in our lives as imbalance in the system - be it emotional, mental, physical, or even spiritual. Many people lack the tools to cope, and so they resort to self-destructive behaviors

I have been on the wellness path for most of my adult life.  Raised by a single father who always communicated with me openly, even as a child, I was awake & aware in many ways when I was growing up, but food was not one of those areas.  I had no idea how the things I was consuming were poisoning me and causing all of the few health problems I had growing up.  I began to learn about healthier ways of eating around age 19/20, at the same time I also was introduced to some esoteric teachings that really articulated many ideas about life which I had been arriving at on my own, but had previously had no 'language' for....  These influences came from the wonderful family of the first boyfriend I lived with, and most certainly helped to shape who I am today.  

In my early twenties, concerns for my own health led me to begin walking the food as medicine path, complementing my own healing with the use of homeopathy, herbal medicine, and an occasional visit to the acupuncturist.  When I first moved to New York, I lived on bagels, until eventually a really bad 'rash' broke out on my back.  I went to a Chinese medicine doctor who told me my system was overrun with yeast, and that I should eliminate wheat, dairy, and sugar products from my diet.  I did so, for the most part, and the rash went away quickly, and in one week, the texture of my skin on certain parts of my body - that had been rough since puberty - changed completely, becoming smooth and clear.   


While working with children with autism in New York City for 4 years, I saw even more clearly the effects of diet on emotional and mental well-being as I watched children I worked with improve dramatically after eliminating certain foods from their diet, such as wheat, dairy, processed sugar, food dyes, and preservatives.  

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